A Beginner’s Guide For Using A Thai Massage Wooden Stick

The Thai massage is a traditional medicinal practice which has been handed down throughout the years. Thai massage uses the power of palm and finger pressure to release tension from muscles and stimulate circulation. In much the same way, Thai yoga includes both functional movement through postures, as well as assisted stretching techniques that are used with meditation techniques to reduce anxiety, depression, lymph congestion and pain symptoms.

Therapists that practice the Thai massage have access to tools that can help improve its efficacy. One of these tools is the Thai massage wooden stick.

Let’s check out what this wooden stick is, what it does, and how it is used to great effect.

thai wooden stick: massage feet

What is a Thai Massage Wooden Stick?

The wooden stick is a very important tool in a Thai massage session or Thai Yoga therapy. It helps to “reach” points on the body that might otherwise be difficult to access with just hands alone. The wooden stick is used to apply pressure on muscles and joints, but Thai Yoga therapists can also use it for assisted stretching.

The wooden stick works like fingers that help therapists release tension in the muscles. By using different types of massages techniques (like kneading, rhythmic tapping, or an acupressure technique), therapists stimulate the flow of energy inside the body by applying pressure on certain points of our bodies with their hands or tools.

The wooden stick is commonly used to contract and stretch your muscles before performing yoga poses so you can prepare them for more advanced movements.

What is the Thai Massage Wooden Stick Used For?

If you are getting a Thai massage or Thai Yoga therapy, the wooden stick will likely be used on your body at some point. The first step is to warm up and relax your muscles. Just as stretching before a workout prepares the muscles for exercise, this initial “warming up” process helps to make sure that the massage or therapy moves smoothly from one area of the body to another.

In Thai Yoga, the wooden stick is usually called a “Yantra.” Yantras can vary in size and length but they are typically made from wood with stainless steel tips at both ends. Thais often use Yantras during traditional Thai massage sessions because regular hands-on techniques cannot reach all areas of the body.

Yantras are held using a specific techniques that allows pressure to be applied to hard-to-reach areas of your body, like your feet or lower back, with less discomfort.

Therapists usually use one end of the Thai wooden stick for applying pressure and the other end to stretch your muscles before doing yoga poses.

thai wooden stick: massage feet bottom

Thai Massage Wooden Stick Techniques

Various wooden stick techniques allow therapists to apply specific amounts of pressure to different areas on the body so that they can release tension from muscles and joints. If you are getting a Thai Yoga massage, chances are that you’ll receive Thai Wooden Stick Techniques at some point in your session.

In addition, if you have a Thai yoga massages therapist who is assisting you while doing yoga poses or stretching movements, then they will likely use a Yantra during the session.

Let’s familiarize ourselves with several Yantra techniques that therapists utilize.


Using circular motions with one’s hands stimulates blood circulation while decreasing muscle pains. Thai massage therapists perform Thai wooden stick kneading on the back, shoulders and neck areas.


Another wooden stick technique is called “petch”. This is a more intensive form of Thai massage that stimulates blood flow within the body and relieves muscle tension. With this technique, therapists often use the wooden stick like a drumstick as they tap their fists on specific points along your muscles (called “sen”).

The aim of petch is to break up muscular congestion and free any toxins contained in those muscles so that they can be eliminated by way of perspiration, urination or bowel movements.

Clay Pot

A clay pot-like motion applies pressure with the stick on a body. Therapists use the Thai Yoga Massage Wooden Stick to apply pressure to certain parts of the body, like feet, hands, and head.

How to Use the Wooden Stick During Thai Massage Sessions

In order to perform a Thai massage with a Yantra, you must first warm up your muscle by putting some oil on it. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Make sure you are well supported when using the wooden stick techniques. Next, hold one side of the wooden stick against a specific area of the body. One example is pressing it gently against calf muscles.

Then, using circular movements with one’s hands, slowly press into the muscle tissue while moving across the skin so as to slightly stretch it apart. Continue this technique until you feel the muscles become soft and relaxed. Proceed by repeating this same movement with your other hand so that both sides of the muscle are being worked on simultaneously.

This is a simple way of utilizing the wooden stick to massage yourself. For best results though, it is best to seek the services of a competent massage therapist.

Enjoy Thai Wooden Stick Massage Work Today

The Thai massage is a popular form of bodywork that dates back centuries. If you’ve been considering getting a session, but don’t know where to start or what the benefits are, this article provides some tips on how to use the wooden stick and offers an overview of what it entails. We hope these details will help you decide whether Thai massages may be right for you!

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