royal massage treatments - traditional thai

Traditional Thai massage

For centuries Thai people have experienced the benefits of this total massage experience. Your therapist will apply pressure to numerous points on the body to relax and energise you at the same time. Joints and muscles will be stretched and massaged using rolling movements, releasing the body’s energy, and providing an uplifting sensation.

• Increased flexibility and higher energy levels
• Eliminates muscle aches and pains
• Relaxation
• Improved circulation and lymph system drainage
• Stimulates the internal organs.

Aromatherapy massage

Essential oils, massaged directly into the skin, provide you with a feeling of total relaxation and wellbeing. The fragrant aromas will provide you with a feeling of inner wellbeing and positive energy. This full body treatment will pamper and relax you.

• Relaxation
• Lower stress and anxiety
• Pain relief
• Skincare

royal massage treatments - aromatherapy
royal massage treatments - hot stone

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone therapy is a deep, warming, relaxing and therapeutic massage. This very popular method of deep tissue massage utilises the unique affects of special volcanic stones that emit heat which is absorbed deep into the muscles.

Swedish massage

A Feel the stress disappear as your therapist applies pressure against your muscles – a deep massage in the direction of the blood returning to the heart.

• Improved circulation
• Relieve tension and stress
• Improved health and wellbeing

royal massage treatments - swedish massage
royal massage treatments - foot massage

Foot Massage or Reflexology

Reflexology is a holistic treatment which involves pressing and massaging areas of the feet and hands which correspond to various body systems and organs. The process of Reflexology relieves tension, brings about a state of ‘energy balance’ and creates a feeling of relaxation and well-being, rather like a full body massage

Back,Neck and Shoulder Massage

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage is a wonderful massage when you have time just for 30 minutes or 45 minutes to help you relax and restore a sense of balance to your day. This massage will alleviate back muscle tension, reduce stiffness and improves circulation. Perfect for relieving chronic back problems.

royal massage treatments - back and neck massage

Recent Responses and Feedbacks

Just looking through your treatments and I’m intrested in the back, neck and shoulder massage but don’t see any prices for this. How much would this cost for 30 & 60 mins?

Lisa Gadsbey

I was wondering if you do some form of full body massage?
And if you have other treatments available?


All staff are great fab welcome both in Crewe and newscastle the massage are great good way to chill out after a work day on the course thanks team royal ochard

John White
Very good massage, deep,strong and feel relaxing at the same time. I will definitely come back again. Thank you so much again.
Nicky Robinson

Hello Lisa

For Back, Neck and Shoulder massage.

£25 for half an hour.
£40 for an hour.

Hope to see you soon.

Many thanks.


Hello Martin

Yes we do full body genuine massage. £40/hr.
- thai massage
- Swedish massage
- aromatherapy
- back, Neck, head and shoulder
- foot massage

Hope to see you. Thank you.


Hello John

Thank you so much for you comment. We are so pleased 🙂
Please come back to visit us. Hope to see you soon.

Best Regards
The Royal Orchid team.


Does Jan still work in the Crewe shop on Fridays?


Hello Paul
Sorry Jan is not working here anymore.

Hi, do you have facials as a treatment and do you have offers on at anytime?
Are you open today do I need to book
Had a foot massage last week and planning a full body massage this week. I hadn’t had one before and staff were attentive and nice, explaining everything and making me comfortable. Many thanks.


Am I correct in saying that Jan is back working in the Crewe branch?



Thank you very much sir. Hope to see you again soon.

Best Regards.


Hello Mr. Paul

jan is back to working at the Newcastle branch.
Hope to see you again soon.

Best Regards.

Hi is it possible to book a massage for tomorrow or Saturday?

Hello polly

Please call to this number 01270-255658 for Crewe. And 01782-633977 for Newcastle.
For make an appointment. Thank you.

Best Regards.


Fantastic place and wonderful, friendly staff. I’ve had the same lady three times now and she does wonders on my very tense back. I’ve had a full body massage too.

Highly recommend The Royal Orchid to everyone. I’ve been to a lot of massage places and this is far the best.

Thank you to the ladies in the Newcastle branch.



Just looking through your treatments and I’m intrested in the back, neck and shoulder massage but don’t see any prices for this. How much would this cost for 30 & 60 mins?

Lisa Gadsbey