Top Benefits of Thai Massage Therapy

When you’re feeling stressed, tired and rundown, it can be difficult to take care of yourself. Thai massages are a wonderful way to create balance in your life by restoring your energy levels and strengthening your immune system.

This form of massage therapy is one of the world’s oldest, but still one of its best. It has been practiced for centuries by healers in Thailand as a means of physical healing and spiritual purification.

Today it is recognized worldwide as an effective form of alternative medicine that relieves pain and decreases anxiety.

These are only a few of the benefits that it can offer. Stick with us and read through this article to learn more about the benefits that this type of massage offers.

What is Thai Massage Therapy?

This unique massage practice is a part of Thai traditional medicine. People who practice it use their hands, feet, and elbows to manipulate pressure points on your body.

It is used as a treatment for conditions such as muscle tension, pain and fatigue. If you are experiencing any of these issues on a frequent basis, this type of massage can definitely help.

Typically, this type of massage requires the client to be fully clothed and only involves light-to-medium pressure techniques that smooth out those deep rooted aches and pains without making them worse.

There are many different types of treatments. They include long strokes that run from head to toe using the forearms, assisted yoga postures including forward bends, backward bends and side stretches, and rhythmic compression of the body using the forearms, knuckles and elbows.

This type of massage is believed to work due to increasing the blood flow around the body which helps in stimulating various organs. Thai therapists believe that when this massage is applied at specific points along energy pathways known as “sen” in Thai, it releases blocked energy, stimulates the movement of lymphatic fluid, and balances the nervous system.

These benefits can be felt after one session or multiple sessions. They are typically performed on a floor mattress where people are fully clothed. while Thai therapists use their thumbs, hands, knees and feet to apply pressure to your muscles and joints.

This type of massage therapy focuses on every area of the body. It is known to be one of the most relaxing types of massages in the world, and is wonderful for de-stressing both your mind and your body.

Origins of Thai Massage Therapy

The Thai massage is a practice that has been handed down for centuries from one generation of healers to the next. It was originally created as an alternative medicine technique and was used to treat injured warriors on the battlefield, but this form of massage also quickly became more common among Thai villagers who needed help to soothe sore muscles after a day of heavy labor.

Historians state that this was created by Shivago Komarpaj over 2,500 years ago. Interestingly enough, this Komarpaj was not Thai but Indian.

Unfortunately, the complete histories of the creation of this massage have been lost due to certain historical events. Nevertheless, the practice has endured and we are able to experience this massage today.

How Do Thai Massages Work?

As mentioned previously, this massage is based on energy lines called “sen” in Thai. Thus, it is all about promoting movements from within a person’s body. Many people may feel some discomfort or pain, but this is all part of the process. Throughout this pain, toxins are released from stressed areas of your body.

Many different things are used when masseuses practice this massage.

For starters, this type of massage is unique as it does not require the people being massaged to strip all their clothes. Instead, they wear comfortable clothes and lay down on a firm mattress.

Since clothes are worn, this means that there is no need for any lotions or oils to be used.

Another thing that makes it unique is that there is little to no rubbing. Instead, the people getting the massage are made to do various yoga poses and stretches. It also includes various pressures on the body.

The masseuse generally follows a certain rhythm while doing the massage as they follow the sen energy lines. All throughout, the masseuse then guides the person in various stretches, pulling fingers, toes, and ears, and even pushing on specific pressure points.

Top Benefits of Thai Massage Therapy

Relieves Pain and Stiffness in Joints

If a person experiences pain and stiffness in their joins whenever they move, they can benefit from this type of massage.

One study had subjects combine wand exercises and massages over an 8-week period. The results were decreased pain and improved walking after the whole trial.

Another study saw improvements to people who had osteoarthritis in the knee. Three weeks of the massage had the same effect as three weeks of taking Ibuprofen.

Relieves Migraines and Headaches

If people have migraines and headaches, these massages are a way to relieve the pain from these. Several studies have shown that people who get these massages experience less pain from migraines and headaches. It could even last up to 15 weeks of reduced pain.

Improves Back Pain

Want a good way to relieve back pain without utilizing any medications? A recent test done in Thailand saw immense pain relief from back pain as they went through the massage for four weeks.

Other Benefits

Thai massage therapy can be used alongside other therapies or treatments for best results. If you are looking for a technique that will help heal a number of physical problems without causing any alleged damage to the patient, this is an effective option. It is most often recommended for people recovering from surgery since it will help reduce stress and speed up recovery time.

Apart from what was just discussed, other health benefits include:

  • improved blood circulation;
  • improved lymphatic flow;
  • a relaxed nervous system;
  • increased joint flexibility;
  • reduced stress levels;
  • boosted mental clarity; and
  • increased energy levels.

This type of massage can be used with other therapies or treatments for best results. It is most often recommended for people recovering from surgery, since it will help speed up recovery time.

These massages are not only provided by Thai therapists but are also offered at Thai spas where you can enjoy the experience in a luxurious spa setting. They can even be given to pregnant women, senior citizens and children as well, depending on the comfort level of the client.

The top benefits make it an effective therapy for relieving pain, releasing toxins from stressed areas in your body and improving immune system function among many other things.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Thai Massage Today

Traditional Thai massage therapy is one of the most popular types of bodywork around the world. It’s popularity has led to a rise in training programs, which have increased access for those who want to learn how to perform this type of treatment themselves or as part of their profession.

With so many benefits from improved circulation, reduced pain levels, minimized stress-response system activity, and more it may be time you give it a try.

The benefits are many. If you’re looking for a way to relax, reduce stress or find relief from chronic pain, then this is the perfect treatment option for you!

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